Poodle and Blonde initially started as a location house by singer / songwriter Whinnie Williams. Her love for interiors led her to buying and reviving a 70s themed house and living there with her 18 pets and calling it "Poodle & Blonde", she secured Bookings with Vanity Fair, Elle Japan, Topshop, Kali Uchis and Lion Babe. The dream for the location house began to develop and Whinnie found herself designing products which she hoped to launch as an interiors line.

Struggling with the reality of getting her ideas off the ground an instagram message from freelance interiors buying and production consultant Kierra Campbell would be the spark the project needed. Kierra's in-depth knowledge working with luxury and startup interior brands, and long term goal to start her own combined with Whinnie's creativity and love for interiors equalled the perfect duo to see the Poodle and Blonde dream be born. The two joined forces as dream team business partners to launch the brand and through it have become great friends, creating a fun, honest and hard working dynamic.

London based Kierra and Margate based Whinnie often commute and have worked all over to build the brand. From meetings in Wimpy's to cooperate office meetings in Victoria. The two have loved the unpredictable life of being startup entrepreneurs and although met with a lot of challenges including a surprise pregnancy, have remained focused, motivated and powered on!

Work quickly began, bouncing ideas off each other. An amazing mix of Whinnies feminine and fun style and Kierra's grown and sexy taste in interiors created a strong first collection featuring a variety of different print styles from abstract to geometric, and a colour spectrum to suit all. Everything has been passionately designed using the best manufacturers, fabrics and trims. Both always thinking outside of the box and challenging new ideas.

Poodle and Blonde is a luxury interiors brand with a proud fun factor, fashion influenced and has a modern take on the interiors world. The location house continues to develop, growing alongside the brand. Whinnie and Kierra have huge dreams for Poodle and Blonde including buying and creating new locations and are excited to release their second collection this summer!

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