Mazzo Art Print - Grigio

Mazzo Art Print - Grigio


About The Design


Hand painted exotic flowers arranged in delicate shells create an elegant and unique print. Our Mazzo art series features 3 different bouquets with Grigio featuring a cool grey base with burnt orange tones and burgundy 

Introducing the Mazzo art print in Grigio - frame not included

This hand-painted portrait has been printed onto our coated wallpaper base, the thick papers flexibility reduces risk of creasing and allows us to print small production runs, reducing risk of paper wastage!

All our Mazzo art prints are made to fit a standard 50x50 frames so no need to spend lot of timing and money buying a frame that's made to measure!

Design- Mazzo
Colourway- Grigio

Product Code- ART-03-MA-GR

Dimensions - 50cm x 50cm