The Tale of a HORROR-ble Bathroom 🎃

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Written by Kierra Campbell

Photo by Samuel Wiles

This halloween we're sharing horror stories, and nothing screams scary like mouldy bathroom walls, carpeted floors, and toilets that barely flush, gross!

Whether you're buying or renting, the bathroom remains one of the most important rooms when creating a home to be proud of. Find out how Whinnie Williams transformed her once dingy bathroom to the feminine and luxurious room you see today

Once upon a time, (in autumn 2016 to be exact) the Poodle and Blonde bathroom was looking, a little different. If you have that one room in your home that makes you cringe every time you walk past it, then this is the inspo you need to remind you that, everything is possible.

Read the interview below to find out how Whinnie turned her bathroom from that to this

Photo by Samuel Wiles

First Thoughts?

"My first thought was wow... this is f*king gross! 😂 The tiles were taped on with duct tape to stop them from falling off. There was soggy carpet and the window was plastic. The layout was also weird and it was really small"

How long did you live with it before you changed it?

"It was a whole year before the work began, it was always a main priority but moving into a new house it can take a while for the renovation plans to begin"

Talk us through it

"I had already purchased the pink tiles two years before I started decorating. I'd had a vision of my dream bathroom for a while now so when I saw the perfect tiles I had to buy them and just live in faith that i'd have my dream home soon. I got the tiles off Ebay, which is where I get most of my rare finds.

The first step was figuring out the best layout. When we moved in, there was a fireplace and boiler in the bathroom taking up loads of space, so we moved things around to try and create as much room as possible"

Would you say this is key?

"Yes, if you are not good at space planning find someone who is to advise you before you start getting to work. The simplest change in a layout can make a room feel so much bigger and really change the mood."

What was next?

"Once we got the layout right, I went back to Ebay to source things to fit. The pink sink, toilet and bath are all vintage. They worked perfectly with the tiles. After finding those I had to look for things like taps, and any finishing pieces"

Sounds like you use Ebay and shop second-hand a lot, what was your best find?

"If you want to create a unique space with beautiful things then shopping second hand is a great way to go about it. It is also helpful if you are working with a tight budget. My favourite Ebay find for the bathroom has got to the the swan tap which I got for £40"

What was the last thing you done to complete the bathroom, and is it complete or will there be more tweaks to come?

"I recently added in the Poodle and Blonde Food Babies wallpaper in the colour Blossom. It suited the feminine look and the detail in the design worked well with the existing feel of the room. This design has been really popular, and in a room where you are getting ready either to start your day or for an evening out, its a real treat to be surrounded by all these beautiful things

For now, I think the bathroom is done but i'm always inspired and coming up with new ideas so I can't say it's finished just yet, but for now i'm really happy with how it's looking"

Wallpaper in bathrooms, as good as it looks is it more for show or is it a practical option?

"Here is a top DIY tip for the bathroom. If you want to wallpaper a bathroom, steam will eventually lift the paper. To get around this you need to buy an amazing product called Decorators Varnish. Applying 2 coats of this after the paper has been hung will protect it from the steam, so yes wallpaper is a practical option for the bathroom and a fun one too!"

Photo by Samuel Wiles

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