Sustainable and luxury cushions, check.

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

You heard right. Those super soft, bouncy and snuggle worthy cushions ARE made using sustainable practises, filled with recycled plastic bottles 😍 Here's a low down on everything there is to know about our range of printed cushions

Written by Kierra Campbell

A pile of sexy cushions

Our cushions look amazing but there is also a lot of thought and work that goes into creating these which we really want to share

The first step, for our printed options is print development. All our prints are original designs created by us which Whinnie will talk about in another post, so keep an eye out for that!

After the designs are ready and colour options selected, we send the artwork to our UK print mill where we spend however long it takes testing the print colours on our velvet and linen fabric bases. To give an idea of how this process works, imagine 50 options of the same selection of print, each one with a variation so slight you're sure your mind is playing tricks. We select, make comments, re-select, and carry on and on with this process until we're both shouting YES! Finally, we've got it.

Once we get there, which can easily take a couple of months, the design work begins (the fun part)

It's really important to us that we are not just chucking our prints onto a cushion shape and calling it a collection. You'll notice that we only offer some shapes in certain designs, if it doesn't feel perfect, we won't push it, even if it means having to drastically reduce our range. Same goes with our trims, although consistency does look smart, it's also...a bit boring. So, we face the challenge of choosing the trim that's perfect for the shape, fabric base and print, which can often leave us with a headache but we always get there in the end 😰

Our favourite thing about the cushions is the choice we made to make all our fillers using recycled materials, the JOY felt when we managed to find a UK manufacturer that could make both the filler and our cushions. At this point we declared ourselves genius, pat pat, cheers.

When Poodle and Blonde was just an idea for us, the use of recycled fillers was one of the first decisions we made towards responsible practises. This is something we continue to adopt throughout all our products, looking forward to sharing more about this, check in with Poodle Magazine or sign up to our newsletter to be notified about future posts

Poodle and Blonde 🐩

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