Did you know Poodle and Blonde originally began as a location house?

Based in Margate this original 5 bedroom Victorian home curated by Whinnie Williams (Founder and Creative Director of Poodle and Blonde) is shared with her 18 pets and counting. 

What started as a mammoth project, reviving a mid-century themed home soon inspired the vision behind our brand and now features lots of our amazing products!

The Location House has secured bookings with the likes of Vanity Fair, Elle Decor, Topshop, Kali Uchis and Stella Magazine.

Each room continues to evolve and today you can find her adorning some of our Wyndham and Pavilion collection.


Interested in booking?

The Location House and it's 18 residents are available to hire for photoshoots, film and TV sets and events.

Poodle and Blonde Location House
Poodle and Blonde Location House

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