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Written by Daisy Tinker

Daisy's study

Tell us all about yourself, who is A South London Style?

Hey loves! It’s so nice to meet you. We are twin sisters Daisy and Liv, and together we run the interiors Instagram account @asouthlondonstyle. Although we both work in fashion, interiors are our real true love, so when we bought our first flats we knew we wanted to set up an account to share the inspo and local brands we discovered along the way.

Our family run an upholstery business so we grew up around tassel trims, fabric rolls and colour swatches. At the weekend we used to beg our dad to take us to B&Q to buy mini paint pot samples, and make tiny cardboard dolls houses with elaborate 90s decor schemes, so it’s safe to say we’re both relishing the chance to be let loose on paints, fabrics and wallpapers with real life sized houses to decorate!

Although we’re twins and almost identical in every way, our interiors tastes are weirdly quite different. Most obviously through colour: we’ve stuck to colour schemes since we were kids – I love pink and warm tones, and Liv loves blue and cold tones. I couldn’t fathom having anything blue in my house, it would seem so wrong!

Liv’s biggest challenge has been adding character to her white new build flat, which I think she’s done such an amazing job of (I’m biased, but still). A visual merchandiser by trade, she’s so good at creating little areas of interest and different zones that are miles away from how empty her open plan flat was when she moved in. She’s the master of shelf styling and has taught me loads of tricks like using the iPhone’s mark-up feature to draw my ideas on top of pictures of my rooms.

Liv's living room

My flat is super old, and a lot of stuff had been bodge-jobbed, so my main task has been updating the tired little space. We’ve slowly been changing things since we moved in last summer; getting rid of the dusty grey carpets and lime green walls was a highlight! And having some original features reinstated like alcove shelves and a ceiling rose in the living room

Daisy's living room

If you could pick any 3 of our wallpapers for your homes which would it be, go!

Hmm, after a lot of thought we've chosen...

Money tree in bamboo - Daisy has her eye on this for her kitchen! It’d look amaaazing with dark green cabinets. It reminds us of the wallpaper Del Boy and Rodney had in their Peckham flat. Totally into that retro vibe. Just needs a loaded bar cart in front of it!

Margate Marble in Emerald Pinky - We’re obsessed with marbled paper at the moment, it’s not only snazzy and interesting but really timeless too. The tobacco version of this is just lush, but it’s the green and pink one that’s really stolen our hearts. This would look amazing on a ceiling, or all over the walls in a loo with pink sanitary-ware.

Chain of Fools in Ginger – It’s so hard to find gorgeous prints these days; everything is so plain, but we love prints and patterns! This is just a wow print, from the graphic design to the rusty brown tones. In our dream living room we’d team this with heavy velvet curtains and fluffy cushions.

What else is going on that we should know about?

We both are passionate about vintage and antique things as well as supporting local businesses, so this December we’ve also set up our first makers market!

A lot of the incredibly talented business owners we’ve met along the way will be there, selling a whole mix of stuff including gifts, clothes and homeware. Plus we’ll have our own stall selling vintage finds. We’re so excited and we hope we’ll see you there. You can download your FREE ticket here] (P.S. Poodle and Blonde’s very own Yasmin will be there, selling her beautiful dried flower arrangements!)

Follow our interior journeys over at @asouthlondonstyle Hope to see you over there😊 Drop us a message with your interior accounts and other interiors recommendations! We love discovering new stuff.

ALSO - We have a discount code DAISYLIV for a whole 15% off our fav Poodle and Blonde designs. Offer ends December 2nd, enjoy! x

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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Written by Kierra Campbell

Photo by Samuel Wiles

This halloween we're sharing horror stories, and nothing screams scary like mouldy bathroom walls, carpeted floors, and toilets that barely flush, gross!

Whether you're buying or renting, the bathroom remains one of the most important rooms when creating a home to be proud of. Find out how Whinnie Williams transformed her once dingy bathroom to the feminine and luxurious room you see today

Once upon a time, (in autumn 2016 to be exact) the Poodle and Blonde bathroom was looking, a little different. If you have that one room in your home that makes you cringe every time you walk past it, then this is the inspo you need to remind you that, everything is possible.

Read the interview below to find out how Whinnie turned her bathroom from that to this

Photo by Samuel Wiles

First Thoughts?

"My first thought was wow... this is f*king gross! 😂 The tiles were taped on with duct tape to stop them from falling off. There was soggy carpet and the window was plastic. The layout was also weird and it was really small"

How long did you live with it before you changed it?

"It was a whole year before the work began, it was always a main priority but moving into a new house it can take a while for the renovation plans to begin"

Talk us through it

"I had already purchased the pink tiles two years before I started decorating. I'd had a vision of my dream bathroom for a while now so when I saw the perfect tiles I had to buy them and just live in faith that i'd have my dream home soon. I got the tiles off Ebay, which is where I get most of my rare finds.

The first step was figuring out the best layout. When we moved in, there was a fireplace and boiler in the bathroom taking up loads of space, so we moved things around to try and create as much room as possible"

Would you say this is key?

"Yes, if you are not good at space planning find someone who is to advise you before you start getting to work. The simplest change in a layout can make a room feel so much bigger and really change the mood."

What was next?

"Once we got the layout right, I went back to Ebay to source things to fit. The pink sink, toilet and bath are all vintage. They worked perfectly with the tiles. After finding those I had to look for things like taps, and any finishing pieces"

Sounds like you use Ebay and shop second-hand a lot, what was your best find?

"If you want to create a unique space with beautiful things then shopping second hand is a great way to go about it. It is also helpful if you are working with a tight budget. My favourite Ebay find for the bathroom has got to the the swan tap which I got for £40"

What was the last thing you done to complete the bathroom, and is it complete or will there be more tweaks to come?

"I recently added in the Poodle and Blonde Food Babies wallpaper in the colour Blossom. It suited the feminine look and the detail in the design worked well with the existing feel of the room. This design has been really popular, and in a room where you are getting ready either to start your day or for an evening out, its a real treat to be surrounded by all these beautiful things

For now, I think the bathroom is done but i'm always inspired and coming up with new ideas so I can't say it's finished just yet, but for now i'm really happy with how it's looking"

Wallpaper in bathrooms, as good as it looks is it more for show or is it a practical option?

"Here is a top DIY tip for the bathroom. If you want to wallpaper a bathroom, steam will eventually lift the paper. To get around this you need to buy an amazing product called Decorators Varnish. Applying 2 coats of this after the paper has been hung will protect it from the steam, so yes wallpaper is a practical option for the bathroom and a fun one too!"

Photo by Samuel Wiles

If you have a renovation story or interiors tips that you'd like to share on our magazine, visit our contact form and let us know all about it. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified when Poodle Magazine posts x

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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

You heard right. Those super soft, bouncy and snuggle worthy cushions ARE made using sustainable practises, filled with recycled plastic bottles 😍 Here's a low down on everything there is to know about our range of printed cushions

Written by Kierra Campbell

A pile of sexy cushions

Our cushions look amazing but there is also a lot of thought and work that goes into creating these which we really want to share

The first step, for our printed options is print development. All our prints are original designs created by us which Whinnie will talk about in another post, so keep an eye out for that!

After the designs are ready and colour options selected, we send the artwork to our UK print mill where we spend however long it takes testing the print colours on our velvet and linen fabric bases. To give an idea of how this process works, imagine 50 options of the same selection of print, each one with a variation so slight you're sure your mind is playing tricks. We select, make comments, re-select, and carry on and on with this process until we're both shouting YES! Finally, we've got it.

Once we get there, which can easily take a couple of months, the design work begins (the fun part)

It's really important to us that we are not just chucking our prints onto a cushion shape and calling it a collection. You'll notice that we only offer some shapes in certain designs, if it doesn't feel perfect, we won't push it, even if it means having to drastically reduce our range. Same goes with our trims, although consistency does look smart, it's also...a bit boring. So, we face the challenge of choosing the trim that's perfect for the shape, fabric base and print, which can often leave us with a headache but we always get there in the end 😰

Our favourite thing about the cushions is the choice we made to make all our fillers using recycled materials, the JOY felt when we managed to find a UK manufacturer that could make both the filler and our cushions. At this point we declared ourselves genius, pat pat, cheers.

When Poodle and Blonde was just an idea for us, the use of recycled fillers was one of the first decisions we made towards responsible practises. This is something we continue to adopt throughout all our products, looking forward to sharing more about this, check in with Poodle Magazine or sign up to our newsletter to be notified about future posts

Poodle and Blonde 🐩

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